Blow Job Interview

By | June 21, 2011

They say if you want to know how to do something just ask. And that is exactly what I am doing. I’m asking a guy, my guy how he likes to be sucked.

What I’m hoping to achieve is a users guide to giving the perfect blowjob, because I’m sure there will be girls out there who require a little instruction and advice. I gained a lot of my advice from reading articles and of course the works of Linda Lovelace. 😉

We all have to start somewhere and what we will be revealing are techniques that arouse and stimulate your guy. I could attempt to write this on my own but I feel that input from Alex is imperative as he has been my guinea pig for years.

And lets face it, there aren’t that many articles written on the subject by both the giver and the taker. 😉 To get a balanced perspective on what works and what doesn’t is a good reference point to start from and I only wish I had been given something like this when I first started sucking cock.

I thought this information may be best imparted as a quick interview with my favourite cock of the moment. Lol

Alex is now sitting next to me, just to give you the visuals he is wearing a pair of black lycra boxers (Yum!) and I have a lace shortie on with underwired cups…oh, I nearly forgot it’s red. 😉

Suze: Where do you prefer to begin?

Alex: I like to be licked slow and deliberately, along my length to begin with. Gently taking it between you teeth but not biting hard, just holding it there.

Suze: Do you like me to touch your balls at that point?

Alex: No. When I start to respond I like you to take the end of my cock in to your mouth and tease it with your mouth. The sensation of your tongue probing is what really starts to excite me as you investigate every nook and cranny of my glans and foreskin.

Suze: Does temperature affect the sensations on your glans?

Alex: If you’re talking about just using your mouth then blowing my wet cock is great because the cooling this causes seems to make me even more sensitive. Ice can be good but we’re talking about using just your mouth, right?

Suze: So no extra strong mints either then?

Alex: Minty blow jobs are really tingly on the tip of your cock but a skilful tongue is what really counts.

Suze: So what is so good about using ice then?

Alex: Ice makes you more aware of the blood coursing through your cock. It’s a strange combination of hot and cold, difficult to describe. For me it is usually blue-white but to a non- synaesthete that probably doesn’t make a lot of sense. It sets up a sort of tension between hot and cold that just enhances everything that your partner is doing to your cock.

Suze: What about sucking?

Alex: Sucking is not about how hard you can do it but about the feeling of being drawn in to your partner’s mouth. Being devoured I suppose you could say and when you are really hard pushing your cock down their throat.

Suze: So it’s all about deep throat then?

Alex: No that is just one aspect of it. I really enjoy having you suck the base of my cock.

Suze: You mean taking you down my throat?

Alex: No, sucking at the base of my cock while gently gripping my cock with one hand. Then of course you could move on to my balls.

Suze: Do you like it when I suck each one in turn and roll it around in my mouth, how does that feel?

Alex: Of course I like it ( he giggled then). You sucking and your tongue rolling them around in your mouth is arousing and comforting at the same time until you get carried away and suck too hard.

Suze: *Just a moment whilst I slap Alex around the head* Right…

Alex: When I’m really hard licking the length of my shaft underneath all the way to the frenulum then rubbing the frenulum with your tongue makes me squirm.

Suze: Girls I hope you are taking notes. Lol

Alex: And then you start running your teeth across my frenulum. That is unbelievably intense.

Suze: All this dirty talk is making me a little wet between the legs. I need a moment to regain my composure….

At this point do you feel like fucking my mouth, does the desire to take me overwhelm?

Alex: It depends what reaction I am getting from you. If I know you want me to come in your mouth then who am I to refuse when you have given me such a fantastic blowjob. But the orgasm from a blowjob is very different from one I experience when I am fucking you.

Suze: At which point do you feel like stepping up the action?

Alex: It varies, with each blowjob. Sometimes I just feel like exploding in your mouth, then on other occasions all I want to do is bury my hard cock in to your hot pussy.

Suze: How can I make your orgasm more intense?

Alex: By holding me on the brink for as long as possible as this intensifies the orgasm when I do come. One of the best ways to do this is rubbing your tongue firmly across my frenulum while gently sucking the tip of my cock.

Suze: So what do you prefer, spit or swallow?

Alex: You forgot snowballing …

And that’s another post.