Getting Wet And Excited And The Award Winning Pop-Shot

By | June 27, 2011
ETO Award Best Online Resource 2011

ETO Award Best Online Resource 2011

We just got back from Birmingham and have a little announcement to make.

We won the ETO Award for “Best Online Resource” for our site!

Suze is so happy that her mouth is probably aching from smiling.

Last night we won the award and the complementary bottle of champagne. We were also given another bottle of champagne by one of the publishing houses there. I didn’t have much luck opening them I’m afraid. The first popped its cork as soon as I had removed the wire cage. I was covered in around half a bottle of champagne and felt very sticky, soooo went upstairs to the room to change.

The second bottle was a bit lively too though not too bad.

Anyway after a second day at the ETO show with lots of very productive wheeling and dealing we even managed to shake the champagne hangovers and can look back on a weekend that has paid real dividends for us.