Whipping Things Into Shape

By | July 2, 2011

Shiny WhippyWe went out to do some shopping today so I did a bit of research while we were out. You see I received 5 very special and quite hardcore canes this morning from Europe. So I wanted to refresh my memory about what is available on the high street to compare and contrast with those which arrived in an amusingly long package through our letterbox LOL

We have a relatively local Anne Summers store so I popped in there, ignoring the lingerie and sanitised for the public sex toy displays, heading straight for the light bondage at the back. As I anticipated they don’t have much. The most useful “correction toy” was a nice crop with a suede heart at the business end.

Then we went off to the largest local sex shop and found that their previously well stocked BDSM display has disappeared and what’s left is a bit predictable. A bit harder than the Anne Summers stuff but not by much, though there’s a nice chopstick cane which I might return to at some point in the future.

And now we’re back for a cuppa and to a write press release ready for the hacks to feast on when we release it on Monday morning.

Oh, and who’s been searching for a kinky PVC sex story on KinkHalo.com? I’ve seen you, well if you want me to write one you only have to ask.