I Love To Watch Him Wank, And More

By | July 6, 2011

Screaming OLast night was hot and sticky, even after the rain so before doing anything else this morning I stepped in to the shower to freshen up. Leaving Alex dozing in bed. I love the cleansing feeling you get from taking a shower after a steamy night of sex. It creates the feeling of…virginalisation, is that a word?

You know what I mean you feel clean, refreshed, no tell tale aromas of the debauchery which ensued last night. 😉

I languished in the hot water and soapy suds for a while and then towelled dry. Wrapping the towel around me I made my way in to the bedroom. To be greeted by Alex watching porn and wanking. Lube bottles around him.

It’s a good job I don’t mind him having a quick wank. Lol And strangely enough this kind of event doesn’t phase me either, nor him, he quite often finds me playing with new toys.

He smiled at me and continued to slide his hand up and down his hardon. I wrapped the towel around my wet hair and lay next to him on the bed. The hand movements continued and I sneakily watched his skilful combination of slow/fast, twist and turn movements out of the corner of my eye.

Alex was clearly enjoying his early morning indulgence. I started to feel horny laying there next to this masturbatory performance. Thoughts of fucking Alex good and hard played around in my head for a while and then I just couldn’t help myself.

Jumping up from the mattress I assumed the position, on all fours with my ass pointing right at him. I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist.

He didn’t…

Alex hastily wiped the residue of the wanking lube from his cock and sprang off the bed to kneel behind me. With a quick hard thrust he bottomed out inside me, hitting my cervix and making me lean forward.

He was obviously close and needed a quick fuck as he rammed into me. I could hear the audible approach of his orgasm just as mine started to edge closer. The stimulation on my g-spot was so intense that I felt like I needed to pee. An intense desire to let myself go.

A couple more slow and deliberate in strokes and he was there. I felt the tell tale twitch of his cock as he spurted come inside my pussy.

We both collapsed spooning on to the bed enjoying the closeness of our bodies and swimming in the warmth of our afterglow.

The perfect way to start a day. 😉