Tits And Mayo

By | July 22, 2008

The woman at the greasy spoon I go to for my lunchtime sandwich has gone away on holiday this week. She has left one of the regular staff to run the shop along with a very new girl.

I’m not sure what they call the newbie but she is about 5’6″ with a short brunette bob, green eyes and a lovely full lipped smile. Oh, I almost forgot she has claret in the left side of her hair.

Don’t ask me to be more descriptive because I was put off by the fact that this girl has most ample bosom which captivated me. You may laugh but she asked me for my order and I was so pre occupied with her cleavage that it went out of my head.

The regular woman had to tell her because I rarely deviate from my ham salad on rye. I think she may have been wondering why I didn’t remember myself. Lol

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to falter when faced with such a spectacular site. She was and I remember this very clearly, wearing a thin strapped red t-shirt which skated over the top of her boobs. The material was stretched so tightly over them that you could make out the lace pattern of her bra underneath.

The valley between her breasts glistened with beads of sweat, it was really hot and they cook in there all the time, rain or shine. She was glowing in more ways than one. I delighted in watching her make up my sandwich because they have to lean in to the large display fridge at the front of the shop which doubles up as a counter.

So every time she retrieved an ingredient she had to lean towards me, offering a clearer view of her curves. Now Busty has wonderful orbs but this girl is slightly younger and they have the full roundness of a more youthful figure.

I do hope that I wasn’t obvious in my letchery. 😉 Although I’m sure I was in equally appreciative company with a lorry driver in front of me being served by the older lady and a rather dirty looking guy, who looked like a car mechanic on the other.

And to top all this off, I had a great sandwich with plenty of filling, a good ogle and she under charged me. 🙂

Perhaps she should become a permanent member of staff, remind me to mention to the shop owner when she returns just how good she was.