Hot And Sticky

By | July 24, 2008

SuzeThe heat is bad enough, but the humidity is killing me at the moment. It’s currently 17:25 and despite now being over 100 metres higher than the office I’ve been working in all day the altitude hasn’t taken much of an edge off the feeling than even if I took a shower I’d be feeling sticky and grimy in a few moments. Normally living at the top of a hill would have given me access to some fresher air but today …

The up-side is of course that the population has declared summer and there’s lots of naked flesh about, but is that really a bonus? The fact is that when you can see everything there’s nothing to imagine and when you’re not imagining what’s covered up you’re not exercising the largest of sexual organs, the brain.

Semi-naked ladies are nice, but one can tire of more and more revealing clothing and provocative fashions. They’re fine occasionally and more often in the bedroom, but even there there’s the excitement of the reveal that I’ve mentioned before.

Suze has wonderful boobs, but the fact is that seeing them covered, then revealed is far better than simply seeing them naked. Feeling them through clothing, or any sort is an extra experience and arousing precursor to skin-on-skin contact.

So bring on autumn and nice big overcoats … even if there is a very, very tight sweater underneath ;o)