Your Naughty A, B, C – Asses, Bums and Cheeks

By | July 27, 2011

Between The CheeksWe saw a few anal movies back in the early days of DVDs and to be honest they weren’t very impressive. That’s all they were, scenes of anal sex strung together with no imagination.

Even if you’re a big anal sex fan that has to be boring.

No what you want is a bit of imagination. Whatever your sexual preferences are and just ramming a DVD full (no pun intended) of sex scenes where the only goal is to get the cock in hole as soon as possible with possibly a bit of ATM action to finish is not big and it’s not clever.

As you’ll all know we’re huge fans of Tanya Hyde, so whenever a TH DVD drops through the door for review we are eager to see what delights the horny Ms Hyde has dreamt up.

This time it was an adult anal delight – “Between The Cheeks” so if you want to read just how perverted and horny it was click here for Suze’s review.