101 Days Of Sex

By | July 31, 2008

I just finished reading an article about a couple who decided to have sex every day for 101 days. At first I thought they meant they were going to have a “bed in” like Yoko and John but no.

They decided that they wanted to go for this as they were currently finding the time and energy, having two children to raise and full time jobs. During this period they had sex on top of a mountain and at a hotel after visiting a porn industry convention in Las Vegas. Hey, anyone want to sponsor Alex and Suze? 😉

A study from the Kinsey Institute reports that:

18-29 year olds have sex on average 112 times per year
30-39 year olds manage to do it 86 times
40-49 year olds average 69 times per year

I just had to do the maths and Alex and I must be averaging about 800 or so. Wow!

For a minute I was hooked by the story and then I noticed, right at the end they were promoting the sales of their book about the whole experience. Forgive me if I yawn. You have to ask was this just a scam to promote sales of a book. Or am I just being cynical…