Tiny Yellow Bikini And Big Boobs

By | August 8, 2008

We went swimming the other day and whilst getting in to my stroke…hey, you don’t here many women saying that do you? Lol My eyes were drawn to a young girl entering the water down the steps, she was wearing a canary yellow bikini and her boyfriend was waiting to follow her in to the warm water.

My first glance was of her back and as she placed her feet on the bottom of the pool she span around. I’m sure my mouth must have been open as my eyes fell upon her ample cleavage. The material of the bikini top was barely covering her.

It was at that point I also noticed that they were obviously false which was a shame because she was a good looking girl, spoilt by un-natural breasts. Why do girls so that? Perhaps she had done it for her boyfriend, who knows.

As I turned at the wall to start my next lap I did wonder if they float. Do they? I assume they must be lighter than breast tissue and be prone to floating like buoyancy aids in the water. Determined to find out I began to put some pace in to my stroke so that I could return to the shallow end to follow up on my research.

But when I got to the other end I lost sight of her and continued on with my 50 lengths so I still don’t know.

Anyone care to enlighten me…