Surrounded By Semi Naked Women

By | September 14, 2011

SIlver ManequinAs we walked down the side of the canal I scoured the windows and empty seats sat in them.  It was Sunday and I wasn’t sure if the girls had the day off because only 10 percent of the windows were occupied.

It felt strange to make eye contact with the girls and not to make it look as if I were staring but I should imagine they are used to that by now.  Amongst the windows were a couple of girly bars and the Erotic Museum which I will tell you about later as we didn’t go in it the first time round.

Yes we went back for a second look on Monday just in case we missed seeing something by going on a Sunday.  Lol  Again quite a few of the windows remained empty and this time I took a look at the entry prices for the shows.

You know me always wanting to experience something new and naughty.  But regrettably the entry fee for these places is astronomic and my sensible head told me that there was now way I was paying 50 Euros to get in there.  So that put an end to any thoughts of watching a show.

Instead I made do with ogling the girls and a trip around the Erotic Museum which had quite an eclectic and interesting collection of photos and adult memorabilia.  I particularly noted that back in the 70’s when bush ruled the fanny some girls were shaving it all off as their images stood out amongst the hairy collection of muff shots.

There was plenty to look at but the Sex Museum which we visited later in the week was much more diverse and interesting.  And yet again we climbed several flights of murderously steep stairs as is the way with buildings over there.  By the end of the week I had become quite adept at walking down them sideways so I could get all my size 7 feet on the treads.

Unfortunately Amsterdam seems to be clearing up its act and has reduced the size of the Red Light District so much that you could almost walk through it without noticing.  The local people have mixed views on this and say it is driving the working girls to plying their trade in unsafe and unsuitable surroundings.  Not a good thing.

As we left and made our way back to our accommodation I couldn’t help but wonder how it would have looked a few years ago before the clean up started.