Wank For Me

By | August 17, 2008

I think I just realised I have yet another fetish…wanking, jerking off what ever you call it in your corner of the globe. Not administering the pleasure, although I like that too but watching. Being the voyeur.

Just the thought of watching Alex or another guy wank until they bring themselves off excites me immensely. What highlighted this for me is that we have a male masturbation toy to try out for an up and coming review and I’m so excited by the prospect of watching Alex using it. 😉

For me it is the whole experience, the preparation…washing and cleaning the toy, applying the lube, that first insertion and the look on his face as he penetrates the unknown. Listening for the sounds as he starts to pump his cock. Will it slurp or pop or make a sloshing sound when he fucks it?

I love to observe his adaptation to the toy, how he angles himself or the toy to gain the best effect. His face…giving away every emotion…is he simply closed eyed or does he have the pained look of pre ejaculation playing upon him?

Then there is his breathing, is he starting to breath more rapidly? Gasping at the air, as he pulls in fast shallow and excited breaths. Or is he breathing deeply? Savouring the moment. Did I just hear him pant and moan…is that gurgling in his throat? Fuck it deeper, faster, harder.

He’s up on his knees, buttocks tight, hips thrusting.

I’m watching mouth wide as he thrusts once more and then issues a painful roar as he pumps with quick sharp jabs, his issue filling the toy with warm sticky fluid.

I’ve been watching, observing and I’m hot, I’m wet and I’m going to masturbate for you. Watch me bring myself off for you…

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