Dirty Talk And Lesbian Fantasies

By | October 13, 2011

Mariella Fostrup.jpgWhat Is The Perfect Pitch

I just finished reading an article relating to females voices and how they are affected by ovulation. A study has been conducted by California University’s Dr Greg Bryant. The study group were tested when fertility was low and just prior to ovulation.

The findings have revealed that the voice goes squeakier when women are in their most fertile phase, which apparently makes them more attractive to men. The voice changes and becomes higher in pitch as women near the moment of egg release.

This leads them to believe that sex hormones have an effect on the vocal chords in social situation to encourage reproduction.

It has also been noted that women tend to dress more provocatively and emit special body scents which attract the male of the species.

I’m not sure about this. I just did a straw pole with Alex and he prefers a deep and husky voice like Mariella Fostrup to a squeaky girly voice. And I think I have to concur that a deep voice is far more sexy and provocative to me too.

What’s your opinion?