Victoria’s Vivacious Vagina

By | October 25, 2011

Victoria CorenI’m a big fan of the BBC 4 program Supersizers where each week they nip back in the time machine to a bygone era and live the life for a week.  It was a very interesting show, I particularly liked the one based in 1970’s Britain.

The show has now finished its run and although there seem to be the occasional special out there I’ve not heard tell of another full series 🙁

Right back to my reason for mentioning this.  I watched the BBC4 program Only Connect, which may I add was as dull as dishwater I hope it’s not that boring every week and noticed the female presenter was called Victoria Coren.

It struck me that the surname Coren wasn’t that common and I decided to check out if she was related to Giles.  To my surprise it turns out she’s his sister and a professional poker player, that’s her over on the left.

Which brings me back to what I was going to say.  I found myself quite distracted watching the show because as you can see Victoria is very well stacked.  I’m sure she must be a distraction at the poker table too.  I wonder if that is why she is so successful.  lol

If I was playing poker with Victoria you probably guessed it wouldn’t be for money.