Glowing Breasts

By | August 26, 2008

While working my way through college I had a job for a few months at a sandwich shop. It involved early starts, which suited me because I could get up before the sun rose, put in several hours work and get to classes having had a cooked breakfast. The only downside being that I smelled of fried bacon all day.

The thing about working in a sandwich shop is that you’re always hot. It sold hot and cold meals and sandwiches to the local factories. The kitchen was relatively small and populated by the owners (a husband and wife), two women and me. Staff turnover was high. I for example as I have mentioned only lasted three or four months because I was at the end of my college term. But the girls were even more transient, some only lasting a week and the early starts and the heat simply didn’t suite them.

I mention it because as I was working one day, buttering slice after slice of bread I glanced across to one of my colleagues and was entranced by her glittering cleavage. It was speckled with tiny beads of perspiration and as I watched one ran into another and then another and the combined bead of sweat ran down between her breast and into the inviting depths of her cleavage.

I imagined chasing it with my tongue, finally catching up with it as it teetered on the edge of her navel. I don’t have to elaborate on which particular image inhabited my wank fantasies that night.

Some jobs have such unexpected perks. LOL