Sore Nipple

By | August 31, 2008

I decided to cook a full Sunday lunch on Saturday. Lol I put a chicken in the oven to roast and some vegetables in the steamer on the hob. They taste so much better steamed and not over-cooked.

Anyway, come time to get the chicken out of the oven I removed it and placed it on the worksurface for Alex to carve.

Meanwhile I decided to drain the potatoes ready for mashing and removed the top two tiers of the steamer placing them on a plate on top of the hob at the front. Silly me then reached over to take hold of the bottom section containing the potatoes and…


I only went and leant over the outlet for the steam – and the carrots were in there generating loads of hot steam through the vent.

Still now I can feel just how tender my left nipple is. I think I’m going to need Alex to sooth it for me with his mouth. 😉