Pass The Duchie…

By | July 17, 2006

Do you all remember a while ago I mentioned our new neighbours and there ever changing weekend visitors. The cars that would pull up on Friday and leave on Saturday. Lots of giggling and doors slamming. Well, some of you made suggestions about us having them round one night for drinks or calling round on them with a bottle.

That never happened for one reason or another and they continue to have new house guests quite frequently but not every weekend like before. Maybe they read this blog and decided to tone it down a little. LOL.

As I mentioned, visitors at the weekend seem to have calmed down. So I’m not sure if my original theory that they could be swingers still stands. Or perhaps they have cut down on the swinging, I suppose it could be a bit addictive.

To look at them both you really wouldn’t think that butter would melt. She is smaller than me with fair hair and a very slight build and comes across as being slightly meek. He is quite vibrant and could be good at parties and is about my height, it’s difficult to tell when you are standing down a step at the front door.

I did miss one opportunity to invite them round. Mr Swing (ok, I can’t think of a better name for him here) came round a few weeks ago with a bottle in hand during the daytime and Alex was at work. So I just stood there thinking, “ask him round” but for some reason could not find it within me to ask. Probably I was a little put off by being semi clad at the time. I rushed to the door in a very thin white t-shirt and shorts with no bra. It’s far more comfortable not to wear one when I’m around the house.

Whilst I was talking to him, his gaze kept dropping to my chest area. The attention was good but slightly off putting when it’s a new neighbour who doesn’t know if you may turn round and twat him.

Anyway, back to what I was trying to say some minutes ago. 🙂 Alex and I waited until the sun went down last night to empty little nephews paddling pool. It was full of drowned bees, moths, flies and probably wee-wee. 😀

Trying to be good green people we decided to use the water on the plants in the garden. I was filling the watering can and Alex was walking it down the side of the house to the front garden to water the borders. I bent over the paddling pool and was in the process of filling the spare can when BAM! It hit me like a student moment. The smell of cannabis resin. Never forgotten when you have smoked it. Did I just say that? Hehehe.

I momentarily forgot about filling the can for Alex and tried to follow the trail. The air was still no discernable breeze to allow me to work out the direction of the source. Where the hell was it coming from. As I have mentioned many times here, most of our neighbours are elderly…but wait a minute one set are fairly young and new!

With my finely tuned nose pointing upwards in to the airflow I made my way across the garden in the direction of Mr & Mrs Swingers house. Bingo! The aroma of marijuana was emanating from their open patio doors. I couldn’t wait for Alex to come back round to collect his watering can.

“Can you smell dope?”, I enquired as he emerged from the side of the house. “Funny you should mention that. I could smell it on the front garden”, he replied. We both turned to face the property next door and smiled. These could turn out to be very interesting neighbours indeed…