Sex In The School Library

By | November 18, 2011

LibrarianSomething that the teachers at my school always found difficult was getting pupils, especially the boys, to use the library. I grew up when the distractions for adolescents were becoming more and more compelling.

Apart from our appetite from trying to get off with the opposite sex we had increasingly sophisticated video games, PCs and of course videos. All of which meant that the thought of spending time in a dusty library looking at books that had been printed before we were all born held little if any appeal.

With a little maturity and experience under my belt I can see how they could have got us into the silent hall filled with rows of shelves. They simply needed to start a rumour that amongst the less interesting titles there was hidden an elicit copy of the Kama Sutra or some explicit love poems. Come to that a box of porn mags whose location could only be found by reading the A-Level applied mathematics text book and deciphering the coordinates cunningly hidden as a cipher on its pages.

Or alternatively they could have employed someone like the girl in the inset picture. Then again I suppose it would have got the boys into the library – only for them to stare and salivate a lot.