Big Tit Trouble

By | September 3, 2008

The girls and I had a little chat about boobs today and how they can be troublesome. Not something you would normally associate with tits, especially if you are a guy I suppose. 😉

Horny said that hers were becoming unruly and not staying inside her bra cups any more. She admitted that hers may now require a larger cup size. And after looking at her in a tight white t-shirt today I’m inclined to agree, she was spilling out over the top of her bra cups.

Busty joined in the conversation admitting that she has problems tending her pubes because she can’t see her fanny. She said with a giggle ” I have to scoop them to one side to be able to check out what I’m doing”…”With the aid of mirrors I can just about manage to trim myself up”, she went on.

“And another thing, they get in the way when I pass people in crowded rooms like pubs. I always end up rubbing my boobs across people”, Busty added.

Somehow I was envious of those people, I need to go out with Busty to a crowded pub one night and witness that first hand. 😉 She has hinted recently that she would like Alex and I to go over to hers for dinner one night so I may get chance to sample more than her fare! I have such a lecherous mind. Lol

As for me, I added that no matter how careful I am I always end up getting gravy or sauced down my front. I never had that problem when my boobs were a mere 32AA but now it seems every time I eat something ends up getting split on them. And occasionally I drop food between them if I have low cut top on.

Just the other day I was eating my sandwich in the car at lunchtime and I dropped a piece of lettuce right between them. As I started to fish it out a van came past and caught me in the act, fishing between my boobs. He did a turn at the top of the road and drove past me staring, I’m not sure if he saw me groping between my tits or not.

So there you have it guys, it’s not easy sporting a pair of boobs, they have a habit of creating all sorts of trouble. 😉