Keep It Hot

By | September 5, 2008

… By wrapping up warm.

Autumn’s approaching and with the thermometer in our house reading “bloody cold” last night I was ready to put on the extra layers and snuggle up in bed with Suze. Burying your head between a pair of welcoming boobs does warm you up and keep your mind off the chill in the air.

Of course it isn’t actually that cold it’s just that we’ve been used to relatively mild weather recently so the rapid descent to autumnal temperatures is a bit of a shock.

Personally I find that autumn is a rather sexy time of year. What about Summer and the skimpy Bikinis or Spring and the sap rising? I hear you ask.

Well, yes they have their attractions but they’re a bit obvious and for reasons that have a lot to do with events from my childhood and teenage years I like the end of the year. The change in the light as the sun gets weaker and the slightly damp smell that begins to pervade the early mornings gets me started. The first damp bonfire of autumn, the smell of wood smoke and the lingering dew get me in the mood for fantasising.

I suppose it could also have something to do with parties. Of course you have parties at other times of year too but the year end always involves Halloween, Guy Fawkes, Christmas and New Year. The latter of which is traditionally sumptuous, showy, glamorous even. And yes, I met Suze at an end of year party, but it predates my relationship with her.

So I suppose there are three aspects to it. The glitz of the parties, the fact that practicality dictates that we all wear more clothing and my general love of long cosy evenings and the soft light of the season.

Suze and I have discussed this before (just not on the blog specifically). The glamour requires that you actually take time to get ready to go out and meet people. It’s like foreplay before you even know who you’ll be getting intimate with if you’re partying as a single. Of course if you’re a couple it’s mutually satisfying if you can look at each other and think “They’ll all be looking at my partner and hating me because I’m the one taking them home to bed tonight”. The time taken to prepare means that when you do actually make it into bed you’ll be even more turned on by the fact that your partner wants you to strip away their carefully assembled acutraments of attraction before jumping on their bones.

I like the idea that there’s more clothing to remove – when unwrapping takes so long the present is more exciting when you get your hands on it.

The general ambience of longer evenings and the tendency towards sharing mutual warmth make intimacy so much easier to achieve than if you’re both baking hot and just want a cool breeze rather than a hot fuck. Though I have to admit it rarely gets that warm in the UK LOL