Sex In The Kitchen, Again!

By | September 7, 2008

Kitchen CupboardsWhen Alex and I first got together we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Nothing much has changed really. 😀 I had been out with plenty of guys in the past and none of them made me feel quite the way I did about him.

Not to say that I jumped in to bed with him on our first night, I didn’t. We girls are able to show some self control. I wanted to fuck him from the first time I saw him but good girls wait. And you know me by now, I’m such a good girl. 😉

After meeting him I would go home and frig myself, back then it was a manual job I didn’t have any toys, just fingers. My panties were always creamed, I have never had any problems with dryness down there. I’ve always worn g-strings and they tend to coat easier than full panties. By the end of an evening my g-string would be capable of standing up on it’s own.

After several weeks of torture! I finally allowed him to part my legs. Up until that time I had allowed him to fondle various parts of me including my breasts but never allowed him access to my pussy. He was ready for me I know. We would kiss and I could feel his hardness pressing upon my leg as he pushed his knee between mine.

There were many close moments when I could have said yes and had to pull back. I don’t like to give guys the impression that I’m easy, because I’m not. Enjoying fucking and naughty play has no relationship with being a slag (easy, for those of you who haven’t heard this expression before). My pants were hard to get in to and I was proud of it. And don’t tell anyone but it made you all the more desirable to your male suitors. 🙂

Not that Alex didn’t respect me or look upon me as a fuck buddy. He didn’t, he was the perfect gentleman. I was aware he had held back on more than one occasion when it would have been perfectly natural to want to push his erection between my moist pussy lips and give me a good fucking. But we were both content to wait until the moment was right.

One of those moments came one evening at his parents house whilst they were out visiting relatives. We were aware that there was a tight schedule in terms of their arrival back home again. I remember clearly that Alex had gone in to the kitchen after our fumbling and kissing on the sofa. He was putting the kettle on to make a drink and I followed him in there.

I slipped up on to the work surface to the left of the window, whilst he filled the kettle and put the coffee in to the cups. When he turned round I was with my legs spread, legs dangling over the edge of the kitchen units. I was wearing a lilac mini skirt and white shirt with stockings and black stilettos. As Alex fixed his gaze upon my thighs his mouth turned up in to a smile.

He positioned himself in between my open legs, which I wrapped around him, pulling him close enough to kiss. He placed one arm around me and the other on my breast which he gently massaged. It felt right and I knew this was the moment we had both waited for. The kettle boiled and whistled but we didn’t hear, we were too enraptured to care.

Alex kissed me deep and passionately. I reached forward to his denim incarcerated crotch and placed my palm under his testes. He pushed down against my hand, I began to massage his churning balls with my hand as he ground harder and harder against it. His fingers reached inside my pink cami top (I still have it) and plucked at my erect nipple, making me flinch with the pleasure as he rolled it between his fingertips.

I released his groin from my grasp and lifted my ass cheeks off the work surface. Reaching up under my skirt I worked my panties down my thighs until they fell straight to the floor between Alex’s feet. Alex took hold of my hand and placed it on his flies. He needed confirmation that I was ready for him. I fucking was!

I pushed my right hand under the flap of denim and took a hold of his zipper. Looking in to his eyes and feeling his hot panting breath against my right cheek I pulled at the zipper. I’m sure the kitchen window must have been very steamed up at this point, we didn’t even shut the blind! Maybe someone somewhere has us on video. Lol. I unfastened the waistband of his jeans, no going back, this was it. I had no doubts, no nagging thoughts, this felt good and it felt right and we both wanted it.

I edged my ass to the very edge of the work surface to meet up with Alex’s groin. His erection closing the gap between us. He was just the right height, he hooked his arms under my knees and pulled me closer as he parted my pussy lips and guided his erection in to me. I sighed as he pushed deeper. He moaned as his cock buried itself deep inside my hot moist vagina.

He started off slowly at first, savouring every thrust and withdrawal. The moment then getting the better of him he started to buck like a wild stallion. I almost lost consciousness with the emotion and ecstasy of the encounter. I was quickly brought back down to earth as I leaned back too far and banged my head on one of the overhead cupboards. Alex was too deep in to his fucking to notice and carried on.

I came several times as my legs waved around behind Alex’s bare thrusting buttocks. With a loud intake of breath and a throaty whine Alex’s body tensed up and his head pushed back, he was coming. I loosened my grip around his shoulders to allow him freedom of movement as his body contorted with his ejaculation.

“What’s that?”, I exclaimed. “Christ, it’s my parents”, he replied as he quickly and abruptly pulled away from me, pulled up his trousers and boxers and pushed his still hard cock back inside. I climbed down off the work surface and picked up my pants. Have you ever tried to put on a g-string in a hurry? It’s not easy.

We had just made ourselves presentable as his parents walked through the kitchen door. I walked over to the kettle and pushed down the button again. “Would you both like a drink?”, I asked as they said hello and greeted me with a hug and a kiss. As I hugged his mum with my head on her left shoulder, I noticed a streak of glutinous fluid on the cupboard door next to the hob.

I released his mum and guided her in to the living room where Alex and his father had already taken a seat. Then I hurried back in to the kitchen and wiped the door with a piece of kitchen towel. For some reason I couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the evening. That was close.