Piled High With Porn

By | September 9, 2008

AlexSuzeWe take stock occasionally of the stuff that accumulate sin our house. We try to keep things relatively neat and tidy, but that can be difficult wit the sort of things we get up to. It can be doubly difficult to ensure that the house is visitor safe, so here’s what I can see in the study tonight.

A tube of lube
A large bag full of publicity leaflets from adult stores and manufacturers
Some cleaning wipes (sex toys for the use of)
My digital camera 😉
Some more cleaning wipes (sex toys for the use of)
Two vibes, no three … hang on, four vibes
Two CDs (Duffy and the Ting Tings)
A Philips screwdriver – don’t ask, the cat had flap trouble
An adult trade magazine
A digital video camera as used for our YouTube channel
A pile of DVDs – various ratings before you ask, with the R18s discretely tucked away on the top shelf of the bookcase

I really need to tidy up. If my parents come round unannounced.

Shit there’s a butt plug drying in the bathroom!

Must dash.