Latex Lust

By | September 9, 2008

My job these days is boring the pants off me, there is nothing challenging about it and I’m certainly not paid much for my efforts either. I’m sure there are lots of you in the same position, needing to get the money in to pay the bills.

It’s not like my work colleagues are arseholes either, well maybe there is one but I suppose there is always one every workplace. On the contrary I get on with everyone except this ONE person. And the girls in my office are great as you already know, we get on like sisters.

But after a long and arduous day at the office I need to chill out, sometimes I write to escape for a while from the real world. And if I have the time I may read a couple of my favourite bloggers, although lately we have been tied up in so many online projects for our sites that the time is difficult to find these days.

When I do get some “me” time I like to check out some lovely ladies in latex wear, I love the look and feel of latex, the way it clings and shines. There are some fantastic creations out there now, so many styles, colours and some are even affordable. Lol

I love to check out the girls over at my favourite fetishwear sites. That’s where I found the stunner at the top of this page.

Don’t forget to come back, I’m sure to find more… 😉