We’ve Been So Very, Very Bad

By | September 12, 2008

We have watched a colossal amount of porn recently. OK, that is a little bit of an exaggeration but we have watched a lot in comparison to the amount we usually watch. That has led to us writing a few posts about the films and the behaviour of the porn actors in them.

Porn movies have a certain style. There are sub-genres and each director/production company has their own signature style, but fundamentally all porn movies are the same. They are made for titillation and to provoke a sexual response.

At the more erotic end of the spectrum they can also cause you to open your imagination, encouraging you to explore new avenues of sexual experimentation with your partner. And at the other end? Formulaic movies with jaded performers and standard scenes.

It’s like masturbation. We’ve all done it, Suze and I still do it, but it’s part of our sex lives. I mention this in relation to porn because for most male porn actors the scene usually ends with him wanking himself off over the face of the female(s) appearing in the scene with him.

It must be pretty soul destroying for him to put in all that hard work over several hours (usually) to end up effectively cracking one off. Once in a while it’s fine to do that, but every time? It would drive me spare. It’s also dull and unimaginative.

Yes I know that it’s one of the few ways that you can actually see that a guy has cum, but when can you tell that the female performers have reached orgasm. They usually make so much noise throughout the scenes that it’s difficult to separate the repetitive groaning from the true climax. If they do climax of course. While most of the female porn actresses I’ve spoken to say they do climax on shoots you have to say that female satisfaction is not at the top of the list when it comes to porn’s priorities.

We need more female porn producers, like Anna Span, or just producers who actually give a fuck about the woman’s perspective. More women are watching porn than ever before and they shouldn’t be expected to put up with movies that are made with men as the target audience.

It’s not that women want softer titles or lots of romance. For some women that may be true but many want just as much hardcore action as men. Hardcore doesn’t have to mean that the woman is just there as a sex toy for the man to use until he’s ready to climax, and then for her face to act as a target for his ejaculation.