Santa Likes Butt Sex

By | December 28, 2011

Santa With Butt PlugPaul McCarthy is apparently an artist who lives in LA. The inset picture is one of his pieces of art which was created in 2007 and displayed in a public park in Antwerp. To me it’s ludicrous in an artistic sense in that despite all the interpretations applied to it – i.e. that intrinsically it’s highlighting the commercialisation of Christmas – it’s still just an inflatable guy with a beard and a butt plug.

I mean please! How many ways can you say that Christmas is now about consumption not the birth of a saviour? It’s been said in so many different ways that no matter how big or how awkward the juxtaposition of the jolly red faced man and some incongruous object is you can’t really add to the widely accepted view that society has lost track of what Christmas was about.

However it is an amusing image, if devoid of any artistic merit.