Foursome Anyone!

By | September 13, 2008

Busty and I were alone in the office yesterday, Horny called in sick. I love it when we are in the office on our own, she tends to spend more time chatting to me without the watchful eye of Horny upon us. Not that I’m getting at Horny but she can be a bit of a jobsworth at times, her seniority of employ within the company tends to get the better of her from time to time.

By mid afternoon we were having a good chat about sex again. I have a talent for turning any conversation in to a sexual one given enough time. 😉 She got chatting about the program I mentioned in my post the other day and the line up of guys who took part in a cock lineup.

Don’t ask me why this came to mind but I then asked if they could make their balls move up and down because Alex can. It just came right out before I had chance to consider what I had said. And I didn’t leave it there I then told her she should ask her current bloke if he can do it. Lol

I managed to recover the situation without a problem, she didn’t seem to have latched on to the comment too heavily. So the conversation moved in much to my relief, I can be a little too open and honest for my own good. And Alex’s. 🙂

The she asked…

…”Would you and Alex like to come over for dinner in a couple of weeks?”.

My heart skipped a beat as thoughts ran through my head about spending time with her (and her boyfriend) out of work, casual and most probably intoxicated.

How could I say no. And then I remembered just how many little snippets of sexual information I have been revealing over the months. I think I better warn Alex that there could be some interesting questions raised at our dinner party.

Do you think this is a good idea?

Perhaps I could get her inebriated and persuade her it would be a good idea to show me her bedroom. 😉