When His Cock Tastes Of My Pussy

By | January 14, 2012

Pussy LickingAlex nuzzled between my legs, hard cock bouncing invitingly up and down.  As he pushed ball deep in to me he leant in to kiss me on the lips, forcing his tongue in to my mouth.  His firm tongue jostled with mine as we embraced kissing me deeply, passionately.

Moments later he broke his embrace to position himself for the thrusts.  He pushed in and out of me with long deliberate movements, I could feel his hard shaft massaging my swollen labia and vaginal opening.

He licked his thumb and placed it over my bulbous clitoris, massaging it under the tip of his digit.  I squirmed as my nerve endings fired in to life with his touch.  My nipples were now hard and pointing skyward and I took one in each hand and started to squeeze and roll them.  Ooooh, that felt so good, sent shivers down my spine.

I wrapped my legs around his back pulling him closer.  Scooping my right breast I presented it to Alex, he didn’t need asking twice.  He sucked my nipple in to his mouth and gave it a gentle bite which took me by surprise making me moan.

His hands were now supporting him on the mattress and my clit was pulsing with blood.  I pushed my hand downwards between our bodies and on to my pink bud.  The sensation of being filled with a  thick hard cock and my finger working my clit brought about my first orgasm, wetting my fingers.

I raised my hand to Alex’s lips, he detached from my nipple and ravenously sucked on my fingers.  “Roll over” he suggested and I would but I needed to do something first.  I raised up and took hold of his balls in the palm of my hand and lowered my head on to his cock.  As my nostrils came closer to his meat I could smell myself on him.  His cock was coated in my juices and I wanted to taste them.

The head of his cock entered my mouth and I pursed my lips over it, creating a tight faux pussy opening around him.  He started to fuck my mouth gently, just running the frenulum over my lips repeatedly.  His breathing was now more audible, deep and throaty as he drew it rapidly in to his lungs.

Letting him pop out momentarily I ran my tongue around my mouth savouring the taste of my own cunt.  Taking him back in my mouth again, I pushed my head as far as it would go, just short of my gagging reflex kicking in.  Alex lurves this and moaned, placing his hand gently on my head.

My finger was now busily rubbing my clit whilst my head was busy fucking Alex’s cock.  There was drool running out of the right corner of my mouth but I didn’t want to stop so let it pool on to the bed.  I was now going as deep as I could remembering to keep my throat as open as possible.  He was probably the deepest he has ever been in to my throat.

The tingling started all over again and my fingers were once again coated in my cum.  All I wanted now was to be fucked so hard that my cervix took a hammering.  As I raised my head from his groin I replaced him with my own fingers.  I could smell my sex all over my own face.

Alex gestured to me to get on all fours and I complied, spreading my legs wide presenting my pussy to him to do as he wanted I was far too randy to care.  He pushed in deep glancing over my g-spot as he drove himself in to me time and time again.  What seemed like moments later I was orgasming again, this was Alex’s queue and with a couple of thrusts and grunts he jettisoned his spunk in to me.

Glistening and panting we both collapsed on to the bed.  What was that?  My bottom was on the wet patch I made earlier…