The Biggest Tits You Ever…

By | September 20, 2008

Lolo FerrariWe watched a late program on television last night about the pneumatic Lolo Ferrari. It centred around accounts from her family, friends, plastic surgeon, psychologist and very, very creepy boyfriend/husband and ex drug dealer Eric Vigne. I just couldn’t work him out at all apart from the fact that I wouldn’t trust him.

A quick bit of history on Lolo. Born in France in 1963 and christened Eve Valois she made the news by having her breasts enlarged gradually to a massive 54J which – weighing 6.2lb each. She chose to be called Lolo from the French slang name for breasts.

Her career spanned dancing, singing and pornstar, with it was claimed last night, a little prostitution thrown in along the way, Eric acting as he pimp.

Interviews with her mother raised the question that she was made to have her boobs dramatically increased by Eric who she claimed aspired to a transsexual at the time and may have pushed her to have the operations because he couldn’t. I’m not so sure but there is no doubting the guy is weird.

Her actions were also attributed to pressure by him, making her take up prostitution and eventually acting in porn films.

Personally, I am more inclined to follow the belief that she was suffering from body dysmorphia and was never satisfied with the way she looked. In part she could have been a product of her family upbringing which the documentary claimed was slightly dysfunctional, her father only being around a couple of times a year.

Hence her need for attention and what better way to get it than to turn yourself in to a parody, a human sex doll.

Who knows…will we ever really know. What did become apparent was he lack of self esteem and vulnerability…always a good place to start.

What do you think?

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