Swedish Sex Toy Fun

By | September 21, 2008

Only a quicky this one. I was just reading an article about the Swedish state pharmacy chain Apoteket. Since June this year they have been able to sell female sex toys. However they don’t stock any for men.

The store claim that “there are no good quality [toys] for men.” That shows just how far removed from reality this particular merchant’s buying department is. There are loads of great sex toys for guys, most very good quality. For some reason the article kept mentioning blow-up vaginas – well while I have seen blow-up dolls, blow-up vaginas are a new one on me. The ones I have are made from soft plastic.

Or is it something more insidious?

As the article I read pointed out, it’s often seen as empowering for a woman to use a dildo or a vibrator but for a man to use a masturbation aid is seen as somehow sick and perverted. Strange how at one time the fact that women have sexual urges was denied, now their carnal needs seem to be catered for more than men.

One thing about Apoteket, even if you’re a woman you still have to pay for your toys, whereas if you join the Sex Toys Buzz newsletter you have a chance of getting some for free. Pop over her and find out about it.