Stripping The Blonde’s Assets

By | October 1, 2008

It appears that stock in Playboy has plummeted by around 75% recently causing concern that Heff will have to cut down on the number of bunnies in his organisation, as well as other staff. The credit crunch and global economic crisis is affecting everyone it would seem.

There are also rumours that he’s got problems with his “girlfriends” too. There are rumours reported by the Daily Star that Holly and Kendra are engaged in extra-Mansion activities. The Playboy Mansion denied the reports, but shares in Pfizer fell at the news.

He’ll just have to call in some emergency boobage from the ranks of the recently unemployed bunnies …

In other news the Bradford & Bingley Bank will be keeping its retail banking identity. That will come as a relief to most blokes in the UK who would have missed the rather cute girl (Sophia De Martino) who now fronts their advertising.

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