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By | October 2, 2008

Daria GlowerWhen Amateur Porn Goes Bad

Alex and I paid a trip to the adult store at the weekend to see if there was anything new and interesting. We brought home a couple of DVD’s to watch, we decided to try something different to the norm. Lately we have been viewing a lot of Harmony’s productions because they have produced a range of light BDSM themed titles which have been very good.

I had noticed some time ago a series on the shelves in there called Streetheat by Joy Bear and remembered that I wanted to check them out. Unfortunately they only had number 3 in the series, not that I suppose it makes any difference where you start as they aren’t continuous, only in theme.

The idea of getting two girls to comb the streets of London in search of a male and female prepared to be filmed having sex on screen intrigued me and as you know we have found the amateur side of porn to be a refreshing change from the studio set stuff.

There are no credits on the cover to any of the participants, other than to say they are all members of the public. Great!

Later that evening we pushed the DVD in to the player and slipped in to bed to watch. The girls seemed to be very bubbly as they roamed the streets in search of future starlets but the whole thing just began to seem more and more incredulous.

I’m sure if there were a couple of girls and a camera man roaming the streets and approaching total strangers asking them if they would be prepared to have sex and be filmed the police may have been called out. Not everyone is as open minded as you and I, dear reader.

Even so I was prepared to give it a go and watched the first two scenes with some scepticism. The actors were very well versed in pornstar stances, noises and totally uninhibited. Uhmmm.

Then we got to scene three and I knew the whole thing was dubious. I recognised the girl from a DVD we purchased in 2005. How good is that! She was featured on the Digital Sin, Fucking Beautiful DVD we bought.

That did it for me I couldn’t wait to hunt through our collection to find it…and I did. I played the scene she is in and within the first few minutes she announces her name. She was called Daria Glower and comes from the Ukraine.

Her picture is the one at the top of this post.

Joy Bear pictures, I don’t mind going along with a little fantasy play and lets face it the concept is a great one but please don’t try to pass off pornstars as amateurs.

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