Sex, Sex Toys And Filthy Porn

By | September 16, 2012

Sexy Ass PeekIn case you are new to the site I thought I might introduce you to some of the other websites that we run. Two in particular to be exact. I mean there are others but I’ll perhaps point you at them in a later post.

The first is Adult Blog Hub where you can find some of the filthiest sex bloggers on the planet talking about what they get up to and indulge yourself with some of their very explicit writings. As well as what you’ll find on the front page you can take a look around the Sex-Press section of the site which fetches up-to-the-minute posts from sex blogs and presents them to you in an easy to read list. Filth has never been so easy to find.

One of our most popular sites is Sex Toys Buzz – a website dedicated to sex toy reviews. Apart from the hundreds of sex toys we’ve tested you can also read our information pages about sex toys, sexual health and how to choose a sex toy for you and your partner. Our latest page is about sex toys for your wedding night, just click here to view it. also has a DVD review section where you can read our reviews of the porn which the nice people at the world’s leading porn studios send to us. The section’s called Erotic-Buzz and you can find it here.

Like I said we have a number of other sites and I’ll point you at them in a later post but for now I’m sure that’s enough to keep you occupied. 😉