Late Night Emails Can Be Dangerous

By | October 15, 2008

I just heard about the latest option from Gmail, it’s called Google Goggles. Now we have all been guilty and I have to hold my hand up to this, of sending emails following a few glasses of red.

These usually result in an email riddled with spelling errors or illegible content at worst. But some people become very brave and fool hardy under the influence.

So Google Labs with its software engineer Jon Perlow have invented an application to stop you from hastily sending that email to your “ex” girlfriend, boss or other targeted individual. Before the mail is sent you are asked a series of math questions which you should be able to answer within a minute.

The program will respond “Water and bed for you” or “Try again”. Pre set to activate on Friday and Saturday evening you can opt for every day if you require it.

Whatever next!

Perhaps Google sex tips, one given out daily for you to put in to practice…now I may just have an idea there. Lol