Dirty Fukker!

By | October 16, 2008

Dirty Fukker UnderwearIf you were to come up with a new range of underwear which you would like to “hard” sell, what would you call that range? Well, this company have come up the perfect name for their range of male underwear and best of all it’s a British company.

It does however raise one question, “who would retail these garments?” given their sensitive name. I’m not so sure that the major department stores are open minded enough to fill their rails with these goods.

But I can see them appealing to the exclusive high street shop.

And lets face it girls if your man is going to walk around in his underwear he may as well sell himself to you. 😉

Isn’t the Internet a wonderful thing…I find so much to look at…see you later…

And their name is of course Dirty Fucker.