The Thigh Gap Fad

By | April 11, 2013

The thigh gapI was introduced to the latest fad for the female population via all those images of skinny models on cat walks.  It’s the “thigh gap”.

It seems that there is an ever growing population of women who want to be able to stand with both knees touching but a gap up at the top of their legs which you can push your hand between.

Apparently there are several pages relating to craze on FaceBook.  I won’t name any here as I not writing this to promote the practice I’m about to talk about.

Yes I did say practice.  Because now you don’t have to starve yourself as the pages are encouraging girls to do, instead you can buy the look.

As the woman on this morning’s Daybreak program went on to explain the procedure sounds very much like liposuction of the thighs.

The surgeon injects the tissue to be removed with a saline solution to break down the fat deposits.  Then they make an incision inside the inner thigh and a couple under the buttock where they insert their equipment which sucks out the fat.

Needless to say in the images following the operation she looked like she had been kicked on the inner thigh by a bull.  The results were best described as strange.  Yes she had a streamlined thigh with no sign of body fat on the inside but her outer thigh and hips were by contrast at odds with this.

To me that gap looks like you have something wrong with you, either malnutrition or some sort of dietary deficiency like rickets that causes bow legs.  Not a look which women should want to emulate.

The woman on this morning’s program said she liked the fact that her skinny jeans looked straighter now she’s had it done.  Hmmm.

What do you think?