Double Meanings

By | February 1, 2015

Venus BerlinIt’s interesting that some words and phrases have double meanings and that those meanings change depending on who is using them, who they are talking to and the situations in which we find ourselves. I’m not talking about words that have defined means that are different in different context, like “sex” – this can mean all sorts of things from a euphemistic noun referring to genitalia (I first read it used in this context by Anaïs Nin), a mass noun referring to gender or even a verb. Then of course there is the act of sexual intercourse itself.

What’s interesting here is that some words mutate and we don’t even know it. To escort someone simply means to accompany them yet in the context of say a security situation you imagine the person doing the escorting is a burly bloke who uses words sparingly and lets his presence do the talking.

In a romantic setting, admittedly in a rather old fashioned vernacular you would escort someone to the theatre or do so when taking them out for a meal. Think of a Noel Coward play and you can imagine the stereotypical maiden aunt hovering around in the background while the young lovers try to flirt in a frightfully proper and polite way.

You may also think of the Ford Motor Company’s predecessor to the Focus model but that’s a bit silly.

Then there’s the kind of escorts you can hire to accompany you to a dinner or social event, maybe even a business event. Why would you do this? Well, for lots of reasons. Being let down at the last minute or not having someone with the appropriate social skills available to accompany you perhaps?

You may also simply want to see a fresh face from outside your circle of friends who is more than happy to talk and listen without the preconceptions and baggage that an acquaintance or friend brings. Living in a metropolis can amplify this issue so it’s no wonder that are so popular for some men.

This isn’t a solution for everyone but it’s certainly an avenue to pursue if you’re in need of company for some reason, perhaps at short notice or simply to add a bit of variety to your social life.

That’s the beauty of the English language, it’s capability to allow the expression of ideas with subtlety and intelligence. So many words have the ability to hoodwink and amuse us either in the form of imaginative and constructive use through written communication or even within humour. For example:

“Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.”

Ha, you thought the joke was going to be smutty didn’t you. Well you underestimated me, not everything that crosses my mind is sexually orientated but if you want a silly, postcard humour then go to this video on YouTube and get all the double entendres you can shake a stick at.

And if you’re not from the UK let em just say this was a very popular sitcom in the 1970s/80s over here.