Fucking Your Way To The Top

By | November 4, 2008

Over the years I have undergone interviews for employment ranging over a wide range of jobs. There have been some amusing ones and some gruelling ones.

I recall applying for a telephone support position and being asked as part of my interview to articulate to the guy asking the questions how I apply makeup from the base up. This put me at ease and made me smile being familiar territory.

Afterwards I could see exactly why he made me do this, he was obviously interested in how well I can convey instructions to a layman like himself on a familiar topic. In another interview I was asked which type of car I aspired to drive one day. My response was an Aston Martin DB7 because it was classy and a car representing someone who has made their way to the top.

Once I was asked the most un-pc question I have ever been asked by a potential employer. He asked me if I intended to have children, which really pissed me off at the time and my reply…not right now. I’m sure he could have got in to trouble with that question but as it happened I got the job so there was no way I would make a fuss about it.

That was the most personal question I had ever been asked but what I read today blew me away.

Jason Lightwood aged 38 enrolled on a scheme designed to help people return to work, one which was approved by the Department Of Work And Pensions.

As part of the session people were given a questionnaire, set by Juniper Training of Tamworth, Birmingham with the aim to boost there self esteem.

Jason was shocked to read the following question if he ever “found it difficult to perform adequately or without embarrassment when involved in sex”?

Juniper claimed that an applicant’s skills in the bedroom are linked to their abilities in the workplace. The only time I can imagine bedroom skills being involved in your career is if you are planning on sleeping your way to the top. Lol

Maybe it is time I changed jobs…