Am I Doing Too Much Sex Blogging?

By | November 5, 2008

On Friday I came home from work, got changed and then made a cup of tea expecting Alex to be home soon after me. No sooner had I changed out of my work attire than my mobile rang and it was one of our adult sponsors.

I was happily talking away to them and then Alex walked in to the kitchen where I was retrieving items from the cupboard for dinner that evening. He was grining from ear to ear and lead me over to the television. The news channel were reporting on the latest atrocities in the Congo and the name of the guy giving his report was visible on screen.

For a moment I thought it was a practical joke with a bad taste theme but it wasn’t. The guy giving his report to the BBC was called…drum roll…Max Hardon. I kid you not. I looked him up later that evening to discover he works for the Red Cross. Unfortunate name, you would have thought it may have crossed his mind to change it.

When the conversation had terminated with the guy on the other end laughing his socks off at what I just told him I got ready to go and collect little nephew. It’s a while since we had him and I was looking forward to seeing him.

And almost as if I were in some weird kind of dream I walked in to the living room where little nephew was eating his breakfast watching one of the kid’s channels, to find them advertising scat channel. I had to blink a couple of times to ensure that I wasn’t making it up.

I’m not sure how they spelled scat if it was with a “k” or “c”, either way…very strange.

After he had gone home I decided to run the search term on Google and see who it came up with or should I say the poor unfortunates it found. Lol Here are some I found…

Scat Airline in Kazakhstan
Scat automobile in Italy
Sarasota County Area Transit

If you are lost with this post and don’t know what I am talking about follow this link to find the definitive explanation of scat ****