Rubbing My Pussy Up The Wrong Way

By | November 7, 2008

Since puberty I have had problems keeping my bush in check. I used all the depilatory creams on the market in a quest to find one which a) keeps me hair free for more than a couple of days and b) doesn’t create the most uncomfortable itchy re-growth, which results in lots of spots forming and scratching like I have crabs.

So creams don’t work and certainly aren’t worth the re-growth which appears within a couple of days.

Thinking it would be easier to keep on top of the re-growth, I rather misguidedly decided that shaving could be the answer. It was for again a couple of days, then when the hair started to grow again I came out in spots once more.

I was advised by a close friend the waxing was the answer to all my problems and that the hair grew back without creating a rash. Wrong! I lay back on that couch for the good part of 20 minutes while the girl applied the wax and told me to brace myself as she ripped the hair and afterwards what appeared to be the top layer of my skin off.

When I checked myself out, I was bleeding from several tears in my skin and as if that wasn’t enough I had some lovely purple bruising too. Waxing wasn’t the answer either, in fact for the results it was the most painful and unpleasant not to mention the fact that my pussy looked like it had been in a fight…and lost.

Getting nowhere with the hair removal I decided to go au natural for years, it kept me warm in Winter. Lol Then we decided to get some electric hair trimmers and BINGO! I could now keep my hair in check and not have any unsightly and discomforting regrowth.

That was until today. Last weekend we had little nephew stay and didn’t get the chance to mow my bush and the evenings when we get home from work are too dark to see properly. Consequently I have gone almost 2 weeks without a trim and I can only describe my pussy as having designer stuble.

Because it is so long it has been rubbing up my pussy lips and making them feel, uhm…chapped. I suppose you can only compare it to having George Michael stick his chin up your twat all day. My pussy has beard rash. Lol

Hurry up Saturday when I can have it all trimmed up and back under control. Until then I will have to avoid too much walking around and sitting down, it’s like sitting on a hedgehog. I envy you girls who don’t have to worry about all this. 😉