Fucking Him With My Strap-On

By | November 24, 2008

“Morning sweetheart”, I offered as I rolled over to face Alex. “Morning Darling”, he replied. “How are you?”, I enquired. “My ass feels like it has been fucked”, Alex said grinning at me.

“That’s probably because it has been”, I responded with one huge Cheshire cat grin playing on my face. (You can see the strap-on video here)

And that was the morning after…

I make no secret of the fact that I love to stimulate Alex’s P-Spot. In other words I love to enter his ass, fingers, vibes, butt plugs and yesterday evening a strap-on. How I have dreamed about being able to fuck his ass with a phallus of my own – not that I want a cock you understand, LOL. The very thought of fucking him and all that encompasses really turns me on. I’m not sure if it is the exchange of power or if I’m just a dirty bitch. 😉

Either way I’m not going to over analyse the scenario.

The Fetish Fantasys strap-on had a wonderful webbing harness which would fit the most ample of ladies and an O-ring to house the blue silicone dildo. A few tweaks of the straps and I was ready to go.

It felt good and I was hot just tapping the blue cock from side to side with my palm, watching it sway and return to position. Alex was kneeling on a bath towel in front of me waiting, expectant and horny. His ass cocked high in to the air and pointing right at me, inviting me to enter him such is his trust in me.

I took up the lube from the bedside drawer and drizzled a little between his buttocks just above his anus and watched it slowly descent to his puckered hole. I used my middle right finger to amply spread it around his opening. It glistened, inviting me to enter.

Next I needed to lube up my cock. That sounds funny and a little unfamiliar but I like it. Yes, I lubed up the tip of the phallus and placed the lube close to hand on the bed stood against the pillows.

Sidling up against his butt cheeks I parted them gently with my hands allowing access to his anus. Alex was head down on the mattress with his arms outstretched above his head. Almost in a position of prayer. Come worship your mistress, I thought.

I pushed the end of the dildo against his tight little ass and watched as it pushed through the first sphincter and inside his warm colon. Alex gasped, not a painful gasp but an intake of air coupled with a moan. I relaxed, he was content.

Slowly I pushed my groin towards his anus, watching it eat up every last centimetre of that cock. My hips were now on his butt cheeks. Slowly I retreated backwards, not too far because my cock wasn’t that long, just enough for him to feel me extracting my jelly dong only to push straight back in again. He moaned and I liked it. 😉

My pussy was now quite moist, I was aroused, excited with my new role in this relationship. I wanted to fuck him fast and fuck him hard but I had to wait, had to take it slowly. Least for now. With smooth and steady strokes I moved in and out of his anus, watching it gripping that dong and extending outwards with each withdrawal.

The anal tissue holding on for dear life. Or was it more like pleasure.

Unable to contain myself any longer I rather boldly took hold of Alex’s hips and started to move in and out of him with more urgency. He was clearly loving it and I was to be quite honest getting off on it, my inner thighs were moist and my cunt pulsing with the power and excitement of the moment.

I reached around the front of Alex to check his cock, he wasn’t hard but he was dripping pre-cum on to the towel below him in clear viscous strings. He tasted good as I licked his traces from my fingers.

My hips were banging in to his ass now with renewed vigour and I even added an upward pelvic thrust towards the end. It was obvious from Alex’s response to my fucking his ass that he was enjoying it but I knew that he wouldn’t be able to come so I withdrew and reached round to his groin and took his cock in my hand.

He was flaccid but I could tell that he could quite easily be coaxed in to action I pulled his hips around so that he was now kneeling facing me. His head was tilted back, eyes closed as I started to wank him.

Within minutes he was bulging in my hand and I wanted him so badly. I turned to point my ass at him and without a word being said he pushed his cock deep inside me. He started to fuck me like a man possessed at one point I nearly hit the bedhead with my head. Meeting his thrusts I pumped his cock and came rather loudly. I hope the neighbours were out. 😉

Moments later I felt the familiar twitch of Alex’s cock and he thrust his seed inside my pussy, growling like an animal as he came. A couple of spasms and he was done, collapsing on to my back. I looked beneath me to see my cock wobbling beneath me. Oh, to be a man for a day…