The Journey #1

By | February 20, 2007

I set out a few months ago to give a real voice to some of the sexual fetishes and predilections out there. Some manifestations of sexuality are very well represented both in commercial sites and amateur blogs. Others, like the incorporation of inflatables into sexual play are a hardly ever talked about.

I have talked about “Looners” before, but from the standpoint of an outsider. The piece below was not written by me, but by a man whose affinity with inflatables could not be expressed better than in his own words. He does not use the term “Looner” in relations to himself, and I can relate to that, each of us has certain sexual leanings and to create a label for any individual or group is a little too easy and misguiding. I hope you enjoy this guest post by “Infl8orama”:

I have heard that fetishes and kinks come from powerful childhood memories (usually positive, surprisingly enough). My experience with my fetish for inflatables feels consistent with that idea.

Living in Florida most of my life, we were never far from a beach or a swimming pool. As such, we always had inflatables, especially beach balls and pool floats, in the house somewhere. I wasn’t very old before I realized how good it felt to inflate, hug, and bounce on them.

The first “dry” orgasm I remember, however, did come from a mylar
balloon when I was 7 or 8, but most of the time, whenever I found myself alone with a vinyl inflatable, I would take it for a ride. By the time puberty arrived, I knew what was happening when I rubbed against my toys, even if I felt a little guilty about it.

As I grew older, I began to fear that I was the only person who felt the way I do about inflatables; certainly I was the only one who could get an erection just by touching or looking at a pool float—especially if a woman was inflating it or sitting on it.

Then came the Internet, and suddenly I realized that I was not alone,
and that what I had was just a fetish—as simple as the fetish some have for rubber, certain fabrics, feet, or what have you. Moreover, I realized that as fetishes go, mine is a surprisingly clean and harmless one. My toys are easy to clean, and playing with them doesn’t hurt me or anyone else.

As to what turns me on about inflatables, I think it’s a number of
factors. Certainly the shape and feel of the toys against my body (not just my penis, but that’s certainly a good feeling); the way inflatables grow as you blow or pump them up; the way women look while they’re inflating them; and their inherent vulnerability (a bit like virginity) are all major aspects of my appreciation and enjoyment.

I never brought up inflatables in my relationships with women until my last girlfriend. Something about our chemistry together made me feel as if I could bring up my kink with her…and my hunch proved correct. We have been married for five years! She is very supportive, and as long as I don’t insist on it, enjoys bringing aspects of my love of blow-up toys into our sex life. The main reason we were able to incorporate my fetish into our bedtime play is that I make it clear that she is still my partner, and therefore still the most important part of the relationship. We talk and listen freely in bed, and that has made all the difference.

If you have an aspect of sexuality that you feel is misunderstood or under-represented drop me an email I’d love to work with you on an article about it, or as in this post give you an opportunity to express yourself here. What I want to do this to give everyone a chance to express themselves, even if, like Infl8orama, you don’t have a blog of your own.

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