Tits, Candle Wax And A Close Encounter

By | December 5, 2008

Allume MAssage CandleBusty returned to work today after her week off and when I walked in the office she gave me one of her huge bouncy hugs. With both my boobs and her enormous ones pushed together in embrace it was a wonder that we could wrap our arms around each other. 😉

She looked great, new haircut, black laced neckline top under a teal wrap around top with black trousers. There was plenty of cleavage on display, it looked like two bald guys wrapped up in there.

Not only is Busty…well, Busty! But is pert and bouncy and they form a lovely line over the top of her tops. Anyway moving on, because I could consider her form all day…

With Mr Totty sat at the other end of the office we barely got time to chat today. He was very decorative but not very talkative. He did take lunch quite late in the afternoon which gave us time to chat.

Busty did her normal thing of complaining to me about her useless boyfriend and as usual she reached no conclusion as to if she should send him packing. I usually talk to her but not tell her what to do because tomorrow she will have changed her mind again. Lol

I moved the conversation on to sex, my favourite subject and got a little carried away with myself. Revealing that we had tried a massage candle, which provides light, fragrance and the oil when heated can be used to massage your lover.

She was intrigued and out of the blue asked me where I bought it. My mind swayed one way then the other as I entered a kind silent verbal stutter. I wanted to be honest and say where it was from and on the other hand I did not want to leave a breadcrumb trail which she may follow and discover that the people reviewing the products she knows. 😉

So I did the only thing I could think of and tell her I wasn’t sure because I ordered it online from an adult store but I would let her know. Me and my big mouth, I just can’t resist handing out advice regarding adult products now.

What’s more as I left she reminded me to find out where I got the candle and let her know. Bugger!