Getting Jiggy With A Younger Man

By | December 11, 2008

Last night at dinner whilst Busty was doing a serious bit of flirting with the new guy I chatted with his colleague who sat opposite me at the table. He was a very engaging 25 year old with a refreshing point of view.

After a few glasses of wine we got chatting about relationships. He was currently single after splitting with a much older woman. My ears pricked up. The woman had been in her late forties and had been as he put it “an adventure”.

I asked him to explain. He said that he found younger girls too easy, “One minute you are chatting to them, the next they are asking if you want to shag them”, he quipped. “The woman I went out with was exciting and experimental”, he went on.

Apparently she was a diva in the bedroom dreaming up different scenarios and things for them to try, in his words two nights were never the same. I don’t know if he was testing me but he admitted to not being attracted to blondes, that redheads were great. I was starting to like him. Lol

Then out of the blue he added “She spanked me”. I almost choked on my wine, after regaining my composure I asked, “she spanked you?”. “Yeh, with one of those paddles”, he smiled back at me. Wow! Things were certainly spicing up I thought.

Then Busty picks up on the conversation and asks me to tell them all about the massage candle I tried out the other day. I explained the wonderful virtues of the massage candle and everyone was asking where they could buy one as they sounded great.

I should be on commission. Lol

For the rest of the evening I was all ears waiting for him to reveal more of his sexy exploits to me but he didn’t. I find listening to other people’s thoughts and views on sexuality intriguing. I think we should all meet up again soon. 😉