Fucking The Loopy Blonde

By | December 16, 2008

I told you about the trip to the adult shop yesterday, while we were there we selected a couple of DVD’s. We are viewing around two per fortnight which is just about right. Trouble is we are having problems finding anything which looks remotely different from the “show and fuck” or formulaic variety we have seen before.

In an attempt to try something new we came away with the title Slutty & Sluttier, not my favourite word in fact I have come to dislike it intensely, it’s overused and it under-delivers; Well that’s my experience of it.

Anyway, the DVD is produced my Manuel Ferrara and I though it would be a refreshing change to see what he can do. I’m familiar with his work. Lol He also has the largest foreskin…I digress.

The first scene started up quite innocently in the bathroom with a blonde in a short dress tidying herself up in the mirror. Then something happens which changes the situation, she starts to talk to herself in the mirror. Resulting in her climbing up on to the long worksurface and getting right up to the glass.

Alex and I turned to look at each other and agreed it was kind of different. It then becomes apparent that she is verbally abusing herself and not content with that she starts to hit her exposed breasts, ass and just about anything she can slap.

At this point I’m wondering where the scene is going but stick with it because…well, it’s different from the norm. But different then turns in to crazy and she is looking more and more like psycho bitch. Bunnies watch out!

After what seems like an age of self abuse and a totally non-erotic start she makes her way downstairs to…you guessed it Manuel. She then turns on the moaning and he fucks her ass until her sphincter can no longer close and I worry about her breakfast. Lol

What followed was totally uninspired anal sex. Oh that is apart from the moment she is on all fours in front of him on the floor and he sticks his big toe up her gaping ass. Very strange!

I’ll let you know how it all turns out because there is one thing for sure it is slightly obscure and who knows what may happen in the next scene. 😉

NB: The pictured blonde is not the weird one from the DVD.