Porn DVD Alert!

By | December 30, 2008

AlexSuzeSuze and I were just discussing last night’s visit by my parents when I remembered the DVD player incident. OK, well potential incident.

A few months ago we bought a new DVD player and moved our old one into the living room. I never connected it up because we don’t watch DVDs down there – if you know what I mean. Well, come on. Even if it’s not a porn DVD why sit up and watch a film when you can lay back and watch in the utmost comfort in bed.

Anyway, because I hadn’t turned the thing on I was in a bit of a position when nephew, who has been stopping with us for a couple of days, got restless and I suggested he watch a DVD. I realised the player might have something R18 in it. I quickly pulled the Scart lead and pressed eject. To my relief there was nothing in the drive.