Am I A Sex Object?

By | January 2, 2009

AlexSuze.comI don’t think of myself as a vain person. Suze would tell you the same. In fact she’d probably tell you that I ought to take more care of my appearance when I’m not at work.

You see at work I’m suited-up and at home, special occasions aside, I’m not one for getting dressed up. When we go out shopping we often see men, many older than me, wearing the latest designer gear that looks like it’s just come of the rail, expensive watch, the right aftershave … you know what I mean, too much for a shopping trip.

With me Suze has to bully me into buying a new pair of jeans when the old ones are so threadbare that they verge on the indecent. I have two year old shirts in my wardrobe that will stay in their packets until the ones I’m wearing fall to pieces and Suze sneaks them out of the wardrobe and into the bin.

Some would say mean, I would say thrifty. But vain I’m not.

So when someone notices me it’s quite a shock. We came out of gym last night and popped by the local supermarket to pick up something quick for dinner. While Suze paid I spotted the calendars. We’ve been looking for one for 2009 but not found anything we’d give wall space to yet. Those at the supermarket were no better than the rest and the ones with kittens on were so sickly-sweet I felt like vomiting.

I walked back through the checkout with Suze grinning and the woman behind the checkout smiling at me strangely. About half-way to the door Suze said, out of the corner of her mouth, “She was admiring your legs.”

It hadn’t occurred to me that they were on display, but despite the icy weather I’d left my shorts on after gym. Now to me my legs are male and hairy, so not very attractive, then again I’m a heterosexual male. But it’s nice to know somebody appreciates them.