Carpark Masturbation Update

By | January 10, 2009

Should This…Be This Colour?

It’s turned cold again over here after a brief spell of blue skies and sunshine, which raised the spirits and made us all look to Spring. Lunchtime is a killer, I have to start the car engine when I park up just to warm the car up. Can you just visualise me with 2 cardigans on sitting in a car in the middle of Winter eating my sandwich, if it gets any colder I may have to resort to hat a gloves too.

Sadly gone are the days of lunchtime masturbation, it’s far too cold for that. Lol

No more salads for us, I’m cooking wholesome stews, soups and yesterday for the first time in ages. In fact I can’t remember when I last ate it, we had liver in onion and red wine gravy. It was delicious and so comforting to eat.

About an hour later I went to the toilet for a pee and as I stood to flush I looked in to the bowl as you do. I was taken aback, my urine was bright yellow. It almost fluoresced it was so golden.

I can only attribute this glow pee to eating liver as my urine has never to my recollection been that colour before. After flushing I went to tell Alex and he said that liver does that to urine. How strange. Do you know of any other foods which change the colour of your pee?