Charlotte Church In Shagging Frenzy

By | January 12, 2009

Charlotte ChurchYou know what it’s like, you’re 22 you’ve had a baby girl 9 months ago so you jump on your rugby player boyfriend’s bones and get yourself up the duff again. I mean, you’re after 6 or maybe 8 kids and you want them all popped out by the time you’re 32 …

Either Charlotte church is pulling the collective journalists’ plonker or she needs to seriously rethink her life goals. Eight kids? Is she mad? See this article on the BBC’s new site.

Family size is a matter of personal choice but eight kids! That’s one big commitment for someone who presumably wants to maintain a career in showbiz.

Ah well I suppose that’s what nannies are for. But surely, if you’re having kids you want to spend at least some of your time with them, and if you have a career dividing what time you do have by 2 is easier than by 6 or even 8.