My First DIY DP

By | March 20, 2007

Alex and I have found an excellent range of videos from a production company called Harmony who are based in the UK.  We made our usual trip out to the Adult Store on Sunday and decided to take home one of their fetish DVD’s.

We have only watched a couple of scenes so far but have not been disappointed by the quality, production and originality of the DVD.  I won’t go in to too much detail about the scenes, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who is about to watch this title.  🙂

What I will say is that the second scene takes place in a dungeon and the girls are clad in latex.  Raspberry latex was something which I never could really see myself wearing until I saw a young hot blonde wearing it on this DVD and now all I can think about is saving up to buy something in latex, perhaps even raspberry.  😉  You could say I’m a convert.

Wine poured and snuggled up together in bed we started to watch the scene unfurl before us.  A MMFF dungeon scene.  I set off being rather sceptical about the prospect of being turned on by the scenario but I was soon gripped.  Two girls being fucked with manacles around their wrists, holding them against a wall.  *Gulp*

My body language was betraying me.  I started to twitch and move my legs up and down, a precursor to my pussy starting to rush with blood and my heart beat increase.  Alex knows the signs and he is very quick to respond.  His hand made it’s way down my stomach, over my mons and between my aromatic and very wet pussy lips.  I could smell my sex drifting upwards under the sheets.  Musky, sticky and steamy.

As if by automatic reaction, an auto response,  I reached my right arm over Alex’s left hip towards his awaiting cock.  My he is a naughty boy, he never told me he was hard.  I raised the sheets to take a look in the blue neon light of the DVD.  The weight of the sheets had not given him away, pushing his hardon against his stomach.  I took a firm grip of him and ran my finger tip across the bulging tip.  He was dribbling, oozing with pre cum and the sheet above my hand was sticky damp.

I scooped up the remaining fluid from his helmet and brought my wet finger to my mouth.  He tastes so sweet, so delicious on my tongue.  I pushed my hand back under the sheets and took a firm hold of his erection once more.  Alex shuffled his hips, usually a sign that he wants me to push his foreskin back and begin wanking him.  He thinks I don’t know this little move says…but I do.  😉

Alex now pushes his fingers inside my hot cunt and I push down against them, wanting him to push deep inside me.   I look up and check out the action on the television, the guys have now inserted their cocks in to the girls asses and are fucking them hard.  Don’t you just love to see the outer walls of the sphincter stretch with each withdrawal and then recede as the guy takes the inward stroke?  It’s the same with the opening of the vagina, I love to watch it stretch around the guy’s cock and grip him, creating a hermetic seal.  Keeping in the goodness.  🙂

I was now being vigorously finger fucked and could not contain myself, I came on Alex’s hand.  He moaned appreciatively as his fingers became wetter and my thighs became lubed with my own juices.  It was no good, I just had to have that hard cock in my mouth.  I raised myself on to my right elbow and headed under the sheets to take him in my mouth.

Alex manoeuvred his torso over to my side of the bed and we embraced in a 69.  I felt greedy for him and took him deep in to my throat and began to batter the back of my throat with his hard cock as I fucked him with my mouth.  I felt his tongue push between my throbbing lips and start to lap at my clit.  This sent me wild and I picked up pace, almost choking myself on his cock.  After several thrusts down on to his cock I had to come up for air.  I released him from my mouth and snatched a deep breath.

“Roll on to your side I want to fuck you”, came Alex’s request.  No demand.  I span my body over to the same side as my upper body and opened my legs wide.  I wanted it and I wanted it deep and hard, almost painful, if that makes any sense.  I felt dirty, horny, nasty and I couldn’t wait any longer.  Sometimes you simply don’t want the niceties you just want a good hard drilling.

Alex was now on his knees and I was laying on my right side.  He moved in closer and I pushed my right leg between his and placed my left leg around his waist and round his back, calf resting against his lower back.  Are you visualising this?  Bugger I may need to draw you a diagram.  Lol

He manoeuvred up to me and pushed his hardon in to me.  I pulled him closer with my left calf which was wrapped around his back.  He began to fuck me gently, considerately.  “Harder!”, I demanded.  No gentle fucks, I wanted to be taken, to be forced to take all his cock, deep and up to the hilt.  If he pushed against my cervix I knew I had him completely, totally, ball deep.

He hit the spot and it wasn’t long before I could feel my orgasm building again.  I now felt extremely nasty…I pushed my middle left finger in to my mouth and ran my tongue over it, ensuring that there was plenty of spit on that finger.  I then reached round between my open buttocks and located my tight little anus.  Alex was still fucking away and pushing hard in to me.

I encircled my hole, wetting the puckered flesh with my own spit and then raised my finger to my mouth to reapply some saliva.  This time I gently pushed against the drum tight opening and almost audibly popped as I entered my own ass with my finger.  I didn’t know if Alex had noticed me but I was now beyond the point of no return.  I was so horny that nothing would stop me from finger fucking my own ass.

My finger was now in up to my first knuckle and I could barely feel Alex moving in and out of me through the thin skin tissue separating my colon and my vagina.  I wanted more…,my orgasm was very close and my muscles were relaxed and I felt confident and dirty enough to push my finger in a little more.

I was now up to my middle knuckle and I could clearly feel Alex fucking me at the other side of the fleshy wall that was between us.  This spurred me on all the more, I had to try hard to subdue the building tension of the orgasm which was going to explode within me soon.  I started to fuck my ass with my finger, almost fully withdrawing it and then pushing it back in.  I timed the rhythm to work against Alex’s so that I could feel him push inside me.

It didn’t take long and soon I was moaning like a over sexed teenager and releasing my juices all over Alex’s cock.  “Fuck!”, came Alex’s response and he ejaculated deep inside me, with a kind of twitchy thrust and the carnal growl of a wild animal.  Alex gave his last thrust as his seed filled my pussy and I slowly retracted my finger from my ass.

I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of being full in both my holes at the same time.  I wonder if it would be the same if I had a small vibe in my ass next time or was the experience enhanced by feeling Alex’s cock through my colon making the experience more intense?  I need to give it some thought.