Fucking The Piss Out Of Me

By | January 19, 2009

Last night we were happy to get in to bed. The week had been a long one and we picked up little nephew for an overnight stay. Fortunately as soon as his head hit the pillow we were alone.

We both started out sipping a glass of red and watching Celebrity Big Brother. I had my fingers crossed that we were about to watch Tina being evicted from the house and she was. 🙂 When the eviction show finished we were both a little tipsy and a bit more relaxed.

I wanted to watch some porn but I am reluctant when we have little nephew over, the girls featured are usually a little bit too vocal and I don’t want him to wake up. Or even worse wander in to our room and catch sight of what we are watching.

Alex and I embraced and kissed deep and passionately for a while as I ran my nails up and down his back. Soliciting a moan and shudder from him. Before long he was moving between my legs, parting me with his knee. He was hard already. Fuck the foreplay! Lol

The hard purple helmet pushed against my pussy but I knew I hadn’t really had sufficient time to become moist. I licked my middle fingers and ran them swiftly along my slit. No time to waste, we both wanted it. 😉

He pushed inside me spreading my saliva as he entered me, my lips glided alongside his hard cock. I ran just a little more spit around the seal to be sure that my lips wouldn’t get pulled in as he fucked me. That can hurt and I have torn before now being over eager.

After a few strokes we realised that it wasn’t quite as intense as we both wanted and I was prompted on to my knees. Who was I to object to a bit of doggy. I spread my legs and buried my head in to Alex’s pillow. He manoeuvred between my legs and parted my lips once more.

This time I was ready for him, slick and eager. The first push felt good, filling me internally. On the second thrust I adjusted the tilt of my hips to meet his thrust and have his cock graze my g-spot. It worked, with each movement he was massaging my sensitive nerve bundle. I started to moan and realising that I was being noisy, pushed my head deeper in to the pillow. Realising I couldn’t breath I pushed my nose over the edge. Not a good idea to suffocate whilst fucking, least not for me.

Alex had really picked up pace and was going for it. The intensity of those strokes began to make me want to pee. At first I could push the thought to one side but as I became more aroused it was almost impossible to detach from it. I wanted to pee. At the same time I reassured myself that my bladder would probably have sealed preventing me from peeing, much like men.

I’m coming…he’s fucking and all I can think about is the fact that I am now tripping and want to pee at the same time. My orgasms were multiple and intense, coupled with the need to pee. I was concentrating so hard on all of this that I hadn’t noticed that Alex was starting to enter his spasmodic orgasm.

His body was tense and his stroke slower and more deliberate as he twitched with the intensity of his climax. With a few quietened moans he fucked his last and collapsed behind me on the bed.

Here was my opportunity. I quickly jumped off the bed and headed for the bathroom. And you know what it took me ages to go but I was so relieved when I did.