Sex, Lies Cheating On The Boyfriend And More Lies

By | January 21, 2009

AlexSuzeBusty’s Confession

I’m making the most of the last couple of weeks with Busty and Horny. They have started interviewing for the person who will take over my desk when I move. Strange how you can become quite possessive about your small corner of the office and the fact that you can be replaced…just like that.

Horny was holding the interviews which left Busty and me together for the greater part of the afternoon. So did we work like Trojans…did we buggery, instead we chatted making the most of the time we had without supervision.

She let slip that the guy we met on our night out some weeks back had been calling her. It was news to me as she hadn’t mentioned it until today. He has apparently been calling her on a Tuesday evening. We assume because his girlfriend is out that evening. But last night her boyfriend was in and picked up her mobile.

He asked who it was as he didn’t recognise the name. She said it was a work contact, which he didn’t believe. All I can say is good! He takes her for granted even more than he did before he moved in with her.

Busty has taken to complaining vehemently to us about his lack of help around the house. He expects to be waited on hand and foot. In other words he is wanting someone to mother him. We keep telling her to ditch him and stop wasting her time on the waster.

Then the bombshell hit. She admitted that they have only screwed once this year. I couldn’t get my breath, if I was in bed with her she would be coming more than once a night never mind in 20 days.

I can’t imagine going without for 20 hours… 😉

So maybe this should have been “No Sex, Lies Cheating On The Boyfriend And More Lies”